Listen and Download the live set of Tengger & Concierge, but also the inspiring talk about how we can use tunnels for creativity in a world of multiple universes.

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Tunnels & Interfaces in the Arbeitsamt - 15. January 2015

In our special edition panel discussion we invite you to investigate how physical and social interfaces model the way of our expression. How do we explore new possibilities if old structures collapse, our bodies reach their limits or the social systems struggles to figure out whats missing in society. Will the latest developments in software emancipate or make the body obsolete?


We are hosting the event in the basement of the former Arbeitsamt (agency for work) which is now occupied by artists such as our selves. The building is owned by a Chinese real estate investor. We will use a long hallway corridor for the event - A ground zero so to speak. A dungeon of art! Not a prison but a self-induced hermitage for our creative work.


8:30 TENGGER is a artistic duo. For the first time they are on tour throughout the whole of Europe. We were honored to host them a few years back before their baby break in Weimar and now again in Berlin. Their noisy experimental sound was an exploration as they were called 10&Marqido.
They are bringing with them a new live-set with modular synths and Indian harmonium.

10:30 CONCIERGE is a neuro sound designer from another and all universe. He is behind Ruins of Krueger, a mental post punk noise band and behind the masters of ZK Bucket's label ZAUN RECORDS. Last year his solo EP "Grounded" was released there as well.
Concierge will be bringing a 4-track bastard live set with computer and blow your neurotransmitters out in interstellar waters.

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9:00 - 10:00 Panel Discussion "Tunnels for Creation - Interfaces affect our expression. What else do we want from interfaces?"


Storkower Strasse 118

How to get here?

  • Get off at S-41/S-42 station Landsbergerallee
  • Take west exit and head straight till you hit Storkower Straße
  • Turn left and walk to Jet gas station
  • Make a left turn at the gate behind the station
  • Follow the signs!


2015-15-01 Hosted by Mandy Mozart (Mailto)
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