Ask yourself:

Is it possible to censor Germany?
Can you simply censor China?
Did you try to censor the US of A?
Or even more general,
why should you censor Europe,
or censor Asia,
and how in the world did you end up to censor Yourself?

Liberalization vs. swarm doctrine

We founded the CENSOR Network out of the urge to utilize knowledge, that we learned from experimental concepts such as creative commons, open source, and the extensive use of public domain distribution 1.

People all around the world started to accepted and utilize our learnings. Not only artists learned from the liberalizations of the internet, but also companies, governments and government friendly organizations such as the (GVL, GEMA, KODA, etc.) grew in their aspirations of how we should EXPRESS YOURSELF.

What we have learned

Encourage yourself to greatness, liberty and the not to be written laws of artistry. Educate others that CENSORships are simply matter of your environmental whereabouts, and how structures surrounding you operate. To engage, one must understand.

Let's act!

We invite musicians, writers, thinkers, makers, universal minded entrepreneurs and your friends to regular private and public events to share what we have learned, to each one another. Display the fruits of information filtering. Bring people together and of course CENSORING can be fun and good to party to.


*1 past projects include Tipsypoodle, Shalom Salon & Raphnelizenz